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What is rapyuta.io
rapyuta.io is the first enterprise class cloud robotics platform. rapyuta.io focuses on removing all the complexities and inefficiencies and makes it intuitive and easy to build and manage robotic solutions. With rapyuta.io you can completely skip reinventing-the-wheel tasks and focus on the business needs of your customers.
Plans that meet your needs


Starting at 99 USD per month

Success Plan

Perfect for individuals/small teams working on small - medium scale robotics solutions


Free Plan
No credit card required!

Growth Plan

Ideal for exploring simple robotics solution
Cloud Deployment Hours
Indicates the hours of deployments consumed in the cloud
Included units
Overage charges (per vCPU-Hour)
0.08 USD
0.08 USD
Device Deployment Hours
Indicates the hours of deployments consumed by the devices
Included units
Overage charges (per Hour)
0.004 USD
0.004 USD
Volume Deployment Hours
Indicates the hours consumed by storage volumes deployments
Charges (per GiB-Hour)
0.00025 USD
0.00025 USD
Indicates the number of devices added to the platform
Included units
Add-on charges
5 USD (per device per month)
5 USD (per device per month)
Indicates the numbers of active users
Included units
Add-on charges
30 USD (per user per month)
10 USD (per user per month)
Premium support : Access to Rapyuta engineers. Priority queue for tickets.
Community support : Best effort access to Rapyuta engineers.
Free trial period
You can unsubscribe from the professional plan within a week, no questions asked.
 Fair usage policies are detailed in our documentation.
If our plans do not meet your requirements, please get in touch with us at  pricing@rapyuta-robotics.com
How do I know that my credit card information is safe?
We do not store any of the credit card information with us. We use well known enterprise class products like Stripe and Zuora. So you do not need to worry extra about the safety and security of the credit card information.
What happens when I add the credit card?
A card verification charge of $1 will be levied. This will be reverted within 24 hours. Subscription fee on a prorated basis will be charged on the credit card.
What is the billing cycle?
The normal billing cycle is the first day of every month. The only exception being the day you sign up on the platform where you will be charged as appropriate.
How do I shift between the plans?
Currently we do not support automatic shifts between plans. You need to raise a ticket to us through the platform and we will help with the shift.
What are add-ons?
Add-ons are discrete and countable units in the plans. For example the count of devices added to the platform or the number of users who are part of your account. There are certain number of units that are available by default with the plans. But you can add more units to your plan for an extra charge.
What are overage charges?
There are certain parts of the platform that are charged on the basis of usage per hour. For example deployment hours on the cloud, deployment hours on the device etc. Certain number of hours are included in the plan by default. The overage charges are nothing but the consumption charges for the resources beyond the limits defined as part of the plan.